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  1. Your inbox is full, brother.

    Just checked my reciepts and it was sent out on the 25th at 5:20pm. That was my first break for that 9-9 workday (i work 60 hours per week). And since I didn't get it to the post office til after 5pm, it probably didn't leave the office until the next morning. Then today would be the 4th business day. It'll be there soon, man.

    Sorry for any inconvienience, but with the massive spending cuts of the post office (closing the Alexandria processing center put a dent in your region's delivery speed), and my ridiculous work schedule making it difficult to get to the post office during their hours, you have been unfairly robbed of enjoying your deliciiously cooling Selection Verte in the sweltering Louisiana heat.

    I'm sorry, as I wish you were enjoying it right now. But you will be enjoying it in a day or two.

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