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  1. That batch was made in June 2011
  2. The thing is - people tend to forget about bottles and they put them away and think they can get some money when they discover it.

    I (in my humble opinion) would jump on it as it it vintage.

    I would say it is closer to 45 - possibly 40 but even still - it is still a good price. If you dont like it, i will buy it from you lol

    Yeah, i hope im over it soon also - i hate not being able to smell my scents!

    All the best
  3. Hiya Jonny, your inbox is full again - you must be popular!

    Unfortunatley ive been bed ridden the past few days with the flu and i havent posted it. It WILL be posted tomorrow first class though.

    As for the Dior, that IS the vintage. And its at a good price - ive got the vintage juice and it is so much better than the current formulation. Its a great find!

    All the best
  4. Hi Jon,

    Inbox is full

    Right - thats fine. Whats your address?

    My paypal is

    All the best
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