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  1. ohh jeez, i missd out on that! i have no clue about delhi. in bombay, i dont buy anything from malls. there is one prominent shop called alfa, they basically keep smuggled goods. if atall, i get it from there but 95% of my collection, i source it from basenotes. which means, i buy from across the globe...primarily US, thn Singapore, Austria, Germany et al... hope this helps.
  2. Hi Nishant, Thnx for writing by! it's always great to see fellow indian on basenotes.

    issey pour homme, agua de loewe...both are good citrus based scents with decent stayong power. if you dont mind something a bit stronger and "gritty" then you may want to sample YSL Jazz and Live Jazz. Bulgari Aqua too is a fab scent. one other scent which is absolutely dear to me is the YSL Kouros Cologne Sport..this ones pure may need to spray it liberally though since it's cologne strength. pls note, this is a variation of the original kouros..comes in a tranparent bottle.....

    some other variants would be Davidoff Echo, Lacoste Style in play...again, all the scents mentioned above are my personal favs...but, you may want to sample them first..

  3. Hello Buddy
    Found you out....a fellow indian with a love for designer frags ( let me tell you its a rare breed indeed).
    Hey bro i am sure you must be facing the same dilemma as everyone else on this site. So many options to buy but not enough dough.....
    I buy online from fragrancex and strawberrynet. Got any other better options in India or for that matter New Delhi.

    Please also advice which of the following scents is better in terms of longevity and sillageas a fresh scent for scorching Delhi summers.
    Polo Blue
    Leau Dissey
    Agua De Loewe

    Thanks Bro
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