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  1. Yes, I am definitely enjoying them. The edp bottles are a bit pricey at $140 for 50ml, but I am really enjoying TMs take on immortelle in particular as I have never smelled it presented this way before...
  2. I'm really enjoying your reviews of the Testa Maura line. Thank You. I had a couple of samples recently, Carticasi and Loriani, and I found them really interesting, and good!
  3. Oh! My pleasure indeed!
  4. A wee heads up! You are interested in the Ramon Monegal line. I have a sample share going. Would you like to join in? It is over at "Fragrance Industry and General" ........
  5. Funny you should mention it, Foustie... I am trying out Lalfeorosa as I write this. Too early for a review, but my initial impression is it is right up my alley. A nice spicy scent with with a rose undertone. More impressions/mini review forthcoming. :-)
  6. Have you managed to try any more of the O'Driu? I loved your review of Linfidele 1004 and I am looking fowrard to your reviews of the others!
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