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  1. Do you know of a good ginger frag ? I know its a hard scent to capture but any info would be much appreciated x
  2. Dark Rose is still deep and haunting, I sprinkled my morrocan themed spare room with it and it really suits the room, the frag is so exotic and timeless I love it, im also keen on their rose scent it is very clean and simlpe but sweet and true. I love to wear 88 and also Cuba I always get compliments when I wear these as they are unexpected and hard to read ( a little like me ! ) the only C&S I cannot bear is Mimosa its just like bad breath I think.
    Yeah i must say the NHS is a pretty good system as it is free health care but if we had to pay for the service we get it would be a terrible system ! us Brits are just happy to have anything and are too straight laced to disagree with it .
    Back to neroli ,have you tried Demeter Neroli ? its just awful you should try it for a laugh ! xx
  3. Hi,
    No, no NHS. Just a "not for profit hosptial" and some consulting. :-) I'd bet your system is better than ours here in the States though. It's gonna get worse too.
    I have tried all of the C&S scents at one point. #88 is a favorite and I think it could work well on a woman. It's been a while though and I think a few have been reformulated. Dark Rose, the original was a haunting, beautiful scent. Is the new one good? I requested all of the samples at the site but I received a message that they can not fill the orders for a long while. I'm glad you were able to receive them! I'd be very curious to read your impressions. I know that some can work on a woman but for some reason, I've always thought of this line as being masculine. I know that's odd on my part.
  4. You dont work for the NHS do you ? If you do we can share symapthies !
    Have you tried to full C&S range ? I went to their website and filled out a form and they sent me ALL the testers and it was so beautifully wrapped too. I wonder if any other sites offer such a spangly service ? x
  5. Glad to help with the Neroli. Interestingly, the C&S has the best longevity of any neroli scent I have tried so far.
    BTW, I work in health care admin. as well. You have my sympathy. :-) Just kidding!
  6. Thank you so much for the Neroli info, I have got a little tester of C&S Neroli now and I must say it's just gorgeous and so true. I think I will treat myself to a bottle one day soon, Thanks again ! x
  7. Czech & Speake has a fantastic one. It's very true to the note and surprisingly, it lasts incredibly well. :-)
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