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  1. I can think of three offhand, but none of them really fresh:
    Baldessarini - a cologne and doesn't last as long as an EDT, but I really like as a fragrance
    Tumulte by Christian LaCroix - definitely cedar a little artificial but ok
    CdG Sequoia - very nice cedarlike fragrance

    The one I own is Baldessarini

    Good luck.
  2. Hi Foetidus! Now im looking for a scent with good sillage that would have a proeminent cedar note... I would prefer if it would be freshy too, cause only cedar i think too dry! Thanks for your help always...
  3. Spices:
    Catalyst - Halston Cheapie (as are all the older Halstons) but an excellent spice
    Eau Lente - Diptyque
    Noir Epices - Frederic Malle see the website they will send samples (apparently at a charge, now)
    -also check out Musc Ranvaguer (for musk)
    Caravelle Epicee - Frapin

    Jaiper Homme - Boucheron
    Obsession - Calvin Klein (Classic)

    Ambre Sultan Serge Lutens
    Ambre Precieux - MPG
    Blue Amber - Montale

    Yerbamate - Lorenzo Villoresi
    Eau de Campagne - Sisley
    Green, Green, Green, and Green - Miller et Bertaux

    Erolfa - Creed
    Bulgari Agua Pour Homme
    Millesime Imperial - Creed
    Halston Unbound - cheapie but better than Acqua di Gio

    The recommendations given by Trebor and Jenson are excellent. Good luck and welcome to Basenotes.
  4. Hi,
    These are my favorites, too. I warn you, though, I like them strong and many of the older ones. Do not buy any without checking them out for yourself. Check out these.

    Aramis 900 by Aramis
    DK Fuel by Donna Karan - just reissued and now sold by Bergdorf Goodman:

    Santos Concentree - Cartier
    The Third Man - Caron
    Dunhill 1934 and Dunhill Edition
    Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme
    Tiffany for Men at the website

    Santal Noble - MPG
    Tam Dao - Diptyque
    Chene - Serge Lutens - now available only in Paris
    Blenheim Bouquet - Penhaligon

    Continued on next post................
  5. Hi Foeticus! I appreciate your reviews here and i would like to ask you for helping me with some suggestions! First I would say I am new in “fragrances’ world”, but im very interested on it. And for a good start, I want to acquire some “perfume keys”, those perfumes that are irresistibles! So, if you could help me with your knowledge I ll be very happy. Ill tell you a lillte of my preferences: a like more the woody, spicy(like visit by azzaro, for example) , and plants smells, although I dont like much citric and fruits or floral smells because I think they arent too masculine, but I may change my opinion! I like those with good longevity too… thanks and see ya!
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