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  1. "Copout" is just a word and certainly not offensive in this case. But I am existentialist and Zen enough to think that what a person "believes" is not "truth"... rather it is primarily a collection of egotistical experiences created by personal interprtations of positive and negative happenings. The "belief" is THE falsehood, THE lie. If I see myself as "clear" and "transparent" then whatever I do will necessarily be clear and transparent whether it "actually" is or not, assuming that there is such a thing as "actual." How could I hope to move toward an understanding of an ideal if I assume that I already know it? With a fragrance, I have to first remove my prejudices from the clarity of senses in order to understand them, and of course, it is impossible to remove all prejudices, but when I can't avoid a prejudice, I try to confess it.

    Thanks again.

  2. Your PM basket is full and won't take my response, so I'll send it here I hope the whole message fits:

    Thanks for the compliment. I thoroughly appreciate it because "clarity" is one of my prime values. I see so little of it in the systems that surround me and try to make myself study and question as much as possible.

  3. I think I meant (it was a long time ago and I haven't smelled Declaration in years) that I didn't like the citrus opening of Declaration - it smelled artificial / cleaning product-ish. In the middle and drydown, Essence didn't have the cardamom note that I didn't like in declaration. I never did like most of Ellena's citrus accords - always smell to me Pledge
  4. The last part of your Declaration Essence review mentioned the difference between the two scents, but did not explain the difference. (See below). I was wondering if you might briefly explain the difference. Thanks

    Foetidus: "There are not very many differences between Déclaration and Déclaration Essence, but those marginal differences make up a huge difference in my judgment—Déclaration is not very interesting except that is flirts a bit with repulsiveness, while Déclaration Essence is a winner."
  5. I didn't buy it: I have three vetivers that I like much better - MPG's Route du Vetiver, Lalique's Encre Noire, and Floris Vetiver. I don't have so much money that I will buy a vetiver I'm not that fond of even if it's a good one. It apparently is a highly controlled distribution; if it's successful, maybe it will be distributed through other channels, too. I bought my sample from The Perfumed Court.
  6. I'm curious about where you bought your Givenchy Vetiver. I can't find it anywhere (except Thanks
  7. I'm not sure how to use these instant messages. Use the PM next time.This is the third time I'm trying to send this - hop it works.

    Try Diptyque's Eau Lente. It's unisex and richer than the Lagerfeld. It's also much more expensive, but she's worth it!

    I think the Lagerfeld has been discontinued - it's much more expensive now and getting hard to fine. Time to buy extras if you
  8. I want to buy my girlfriend a female version of Lagerfeld ('79). I see that you like it very much, as do I. It is my favorite, and would love is she could wear something like it, but in a feminine version. Thanks Foetidus if you can help.

  9. Your review of Burberry London was so exact. My goodness. Right down to the thin drydown. You are remarkable. Have you thought about writing professionally about fragrances? Is there even such a profession?
  10. Unless the fragrance has been mistreated - exposed to heat and / or large variations in temperature or exposed to light, it's probably pretty safe. I would say there's as much a chance that they would be mistreated in a department store as they would be in the large discount store. I think the designer fragrances hold up pretty well - I am very careful of where I buy my niches.

    As far as age goes, I've tested the original Chypre by Cody - probably over 60 years old and it held up beautifully. Generally older fragrances will lose their topnotes first, but the heart and base might even become richer. It's also possible that the highlights and gracenotes are lost at all levels, but the fragrance might remain tolerable, too.

    I would love to live where there are a lot of discount fragrance places.
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