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  1. thanks for your answer anyway,i've already launched a thread on the forum and few americans(apperantly they are) gave me some advices among which Aramis havana and JHL and some other brands whicj i've never even heard of like co bigelow and caswell massey.But you are not the first who tells me about those new aramises,so i guess it must be be something awesome...->goes on my list.
  2. I'm not so sure that there are many fragrances in the US that you can't get in Europe. I'm assuming that the Calvin Kleins, Tommy Hilfinger, Carolina Hererra, etc. are all available. I'm not much a fan of most of them except possibly Hererra for Men.

    I would suggest the recent reissues by Aramis, particualarly Havana and JHL are very good buys.
  3. Hi.Once again turning for a piece of advice to someone who creates respectable and worthy image of oneself judging just by the number of your reviews here.We ,europeans, have mostly a very particular idea of them yanks especially when it comes to perfumery which according to some opinions was invented in the USA(right after the USA itself was invented,the very next thing thereafter...).Cut to the chase-my pal is leaving for US soon to do some business and me ,being very keen and eager to try some of them american scent waters,i want to let him get few souvenirs, perfumes that are very specific for USA and which man can not get here in europe.Could you give some names which are 1)exclusively american 2) are worthy the buying 3)for men 4) freely avilable and are not of the posh-niche-la-di-daah type (Clive Chrisitian or Bond9 etc...).Your advice will be highly appreciated.
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