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    Dear Foetidus,

    I apologize for this long blithering note. But I wanted to construct a background for my request. I humbly request you to point me to colognes that you think I might like.

    I've liked Domenico Caraceni 1913 but I couldn't really imagine wearing it. It's smells different but somehow not unique. And the price!!! In the non-Lacoste Booster-like colognes, I really liked Profumi Di Pantelleria - Maestrale and Cumming (hmmm...I must see if you've reviewd this.) I tried a few CdGs. I think I tried Cdg 2, Odeur 71, CdG original. All disappointed. I remember one of them smelling like a pure spices (cardamom, cloves and a little cinnamon).
    Tom Ford's (I think it was the Tom Ford for Men) was nice but uninteresting and inoffensive.
    I humbly await your reply.

    PS: Sincere apologies for the multi-part message. BN forums does not aloow more than 1000 characters per post.
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    Dear Foetidus,

    When I brought my wrist up to my nose my heart sank. It smelled like rancid, old cologne. I couldn't believe it. The same thing happened to me with Eau d'Hermes. To make sure, I sprayed myself again before I left the store. I guess my skin chemistry just doesn't work with them.

    I've found myself always gravitating towards fresh, bracing and simple things like, don't laugh, Nivea after-shave balm. I'm sure one of the reasons is that my sense of smell is underdeveloped. I've hooped to find something that smells like these products but that is sharper, longer-lasting than the after-shave and more unique.

    The other day, I found a Lacoste Booster tester at a TJMaxx near where I live. Thinking nothing I sprayed my wrist. Hallelujah! This is the kind of cologne I've dreamt of. When I got home I quickly got on BN to see what you had to say. YESSS! You agree that it's wonderful. I also agree on the scandalously short time it lasts on one's skin.

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    Dear Foetidus,

    I'm a newbie to the fragrance world and have enjoyed reading the perfume reviews on this site. I've discovered, as have others, that your reviews are bang-on and supremely articulate and fair. I know that opinions about fragrances are inherently highly subjective and varied. Maybe your tastes are similar to mine?

    I've bought and tried samples from Luckyscent and the perfumed court but except for a couple of colognes here and there most seemed to perfumey to me. Some of the ones that are highly respected smelled terrible on my skin. Case in point, a couple of weeks ago I was connecting through LAX and I found myself in the international gate area. I stepped into the duty-free eagerly. A shiver went through me as I saw an Eau Sauvage tester. My hands shaking, I sprayed my wrist and waited. The tension was unbearable. I wanted this to be different and ethereal like the reviews I had read and reread.

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