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  1. Thank you for the compliments, and I'm pleased that you are not taking my word for the reviews, but testing the fragrances out for yourself - there are too many individual differences to be able to do 100% reviews for others. I shiver when someone tells me that they blind-bought something based on my review. Good luck on your future in reviewing: I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and impressions. I totally enjoy well-written, thoughtful, insight reviews.
  2. Whenever I read a review about a fragrance, I immediately scroll down its reviews to look for yours. My sense of smell is nowhere near as refined as yours, but your take on the fragrance is always spot on with how I'm smelling it. I just wanted to take some time to thank you in helping me get into this hobby. Your reviews make things easier because instead of having to deal with aggressive salespersons at counters, who are pressuring me to buy any fragrance they can sell, I can read your reviews instead. From there I either order a sample online, or go to a shop and ask to smell it. I have such a better sense of direction in this hobby because of you, and you've helped me more than you'll ever know. Hopefully I can develop the nose to be able to review like you one day, but until that day I will be reading your reviews for guidance. Thank you again and take care!

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