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  1. Thank you, Ettore, and wishing a happy holiday season and fulfilling new year to you, too.

    Hug back!
  2. Best Wishes dear Paul, a hug for you and all the best as usual.
  3. You are the person that "drove me in to fragrances", I admire your balance, your simpleness, your ability to "wait the dry down" before to launch judgements....a rare acquirement here on Basenotes. Thank you dear Paul.
  4. Thank you, Ettore.
    I had a little insomnia last night and decided to post some of the reviews that I had sitting around for months. Just to let you know: I'm still keeping up on your excellent reviews regularly.
    A hug back at you!
  5. Always a pleasure reading new reviews from the great Foetidus. A hug.
  6. Likewise to you, Ettore - have an excellent year.

    I've left Mexico and am back in the north woods again. Things are snowy here and very cold, I'm enjoying the beauty and quiet.

  7. Hello Dear,
    my best wishes for the new year.
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