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  1. Sorry I'm late getting back to you. Thanks again for the complement - Zeus, Osiris, AND Thor? Hmmm.

    Actually I've been a bit too lazy of late to go through a book process. I've never had so much to do as I've had since I've retired.

    Thanks again.
  2. The Zeus, Osiris and Thor of fragrance reviews. For some reason none of my messages go through on this site, so I have to resort to a public post. You should assemble the reviews into a book and slap a few chapters in about how to apply fragrance, how to smell for notes, etc.. I just tried Prada Infusion d´Homme and couldn´t be more disappointed.
  3. I lost my father when I was a kid and didn´t get that essential knowledge on colognes and things of that sort, so your reviews have really filled in the blanks for me. You have a fantastic historical knowledge of the industry and pick up all the accents and scents of a fragrance with a lively writing style, I always consult what you say about a fragrance before I buy anything now, and I literally just got into fragrances last month! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. Always nice to be called "BRILLIANT"!
  5. Reviews are not only solid, there is a lot of quick and smart humour embedded in them! All I can say is BRILLIANT!
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