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  1. Andas escondido?
  2. Man, news on the 33 miners really got the whole world paying attention.
    As Piñera said: This will erase the bad image Chile had throughout the world because of Pinochet.
    BTW I lost your address, I must have erased it without noticing.
    Would you resend it to me please?
  3. Too bad about the "Toros", I heard they went to third division now.
    Have you heard of Hotel Centinela in Puerto Octay?
  4. My address is:
    83579 Glendora Ridge Ave.
    Coachella, CA 92236

  5. Let's do something, next time you come to the States you bring me a bottle of Flaño and I will have for you something you can not get in Chile, something that will give you an olfatory experience for sure, and we swap. Is that a deal?
    Yes California is something else, unfortunately most people believe California is LA, and have a wrong concept of the state, but the rest of the state is absolutely gorgeous. Here in the Palm Springs area we do not have winters, and during summer the temperature may reach 50 degrees centigrade in the shade, but this is an oasis in the middle of the desert and it is something worth visiting, the main crop of the area are dates, and you see palm trees everywhere.
  6. Thank you for the offer, but I think is too much a bother to send the Flaño all the way from Chile, just the postage will be more than the perfume (LOL), but believe me, I am very appreciative of your offer.
    We have only one fragrance in common, that is Prada Infusion d'homme. I do like it, do does my wife, but to tell you the truth, I think is too feminine and I use it very sporadically,
    By the way, your English is very good, where did you learn to speak it so fluently?
    If you ever come this way, send me your telephone number in the USA so I could give you a call. I live in California, in the Palm Springs area, about 130 miles east of LA.
  7. Can you buy on ebay?, I've bought several perfumes on ebay for a very good price. You have to be careful though. Sometimes you can find there some really hard to find perfumes. I own more than a hundred different perfumes and so does my wife but I guess I could not do that in Chile, specially at those prices.
  8. I left Chile in 1974 (guess why LOL) and I've been living in the States since, except for three years spent in Kuwait.
    I wander if the availability of perfumes in Chile is the same as here, or maybe is hard to get perfumes there, when I was young (in there) we rarely saw imported perfumes, but I hope now things have changed.
    Did you recognize my Avatar?, is Volcan Osorno
  9. As a teen my dream was to have a bottle of Flaño (never did) but I just could afford "Colonia Blanca de Williams", my sisters used Barzelatto or "Colonia Inglesa". Living in the states for over 35 years, I still remember them.
  10. do they still make Flaño in Chile? If they do, what is your opinion?
    Barzelatto is in this database, but nobody has made any comment on it
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