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  1. You know I am just in that type of mood when it comes to scents lately. What you described that your daughter brings home, that sounds fascinating! I'd love to go there some day, she's a lucky girl. I'd like to know more about other middle eastern scents you've tried, they sound like they'd be right up my alley. Are they complex, full of ingredients-or are they composed of only a few things? Dark and mysterious of any type is exactly what I'm after right now. Any suggestions? I just blindly bought Ava Luxe Midnight Violet-wow is that different. Have you tried it? I wish it had been a bigger bottle, but it was the parfum extrait so it's tiny. I'm just starting out here, my collection is small. I have a lot to learn from people in the know, and you sound like one of them. Keep in touch Su! ~Tara
  2. Actually I think that the Dark Rose could go so much further but they are in the right direction. Some of the incredible attar based fragrances in the Middle East are so incredibly dark and mysterious. My daughter commutes to Qatar and brings me perfumes. I'll try to have her pick up a really heavy rose when she gets back to the US. If I get some, I'll decant you a vial.

    Merbert (actually my name is Su)
  3. Yeah I have actually. I liked the dark rose better. But I decided to go with Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan instead for my rose scent, the darkest rose I have ever encountered. I shy away from traditional scents, especially those that remind me too much of the rose sachets ladies tuck into their clothing drawers. I can't get past that association. So I went for "death by roses" instead of powdery old roses. But C&S dark rose wasn't half bad. Thanks for the tip
  4. Have you tried the Czech and Speake Rose or the new Dark Rose? Both are very feminine, the first in an innocent organza sort of way, and the other mysterious and sultry, hidden behind a black veil.
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