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  1. Happy Birthday Thomas!
  2. Hey! Got the Jicky today, wearing it now and wondering where the lavender went! It's definitely gonna take a few more goes to 'get' I think. Thanks for the L'Instant sample too, I feel rude just sending you the one!!
  3. I guess we must be, judging by that scent thread noone seems to like much out of the ordinary. I think it was the OP that liked the Jo Malone's - I'm not particularly well versed in Jo Malone and we've only just got a counter in Bristol in Harvey Nichols. But I'll definitely have to try the Sweet Lime & Cedar, being on a bit of a Cedar kick lately! I'll just have to try not to buy anything!
  4. I think we may be the only FMFers here! Kudos for liking Lime, Basil and Mandarin it's a classic. Have you tried many other Jo Malones? Sweet Lime and Cedar is nice and I have a real soft spot for Pomegranate Noir!
  5. hi2u fellow FMFer!
  6. Yo Yo!
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