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  1. Hi Kopah, I managed to meet with graffham, dimples and 3xasif. Sorry to have missed you! Thanks for this note, I'll check with you when I'm in Ottawa next time. Cheers,
  2. Sorry! I haven't been on BN for a few months and I missed your message. I'm not actually in Ottawa currently, but will be moving back there on July 1st. Maybe we can meet if you're there again sometime!
  3. Hello Kopah. I will be in Ottawa for the Congress of Humanities at the end of the month.
    I had such a nice London meet-up with nukapai, that I'm motivated to see if there are any Ottawa-area BN'ers interested in having a coffee, chat, possibly a shop visit. My only free day is Saturday May 30, but that is open at any time. Cheers, odysseusm
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