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  1. I live in Pakkret near Central ChaengWattana so it is quit a santuary, the teamwork and sacrifice is the keys that make this area dry.

    I have got an order to help the flood victim, my team have been assigned to gather information on the needs of the victims and station at Energy Complex, opposite Central Ladprao.

    According to the lastest information we gathered, there are more than 100,000 evacuees in the shelters. Those poor people have lost their house, their family members, their pets, their jobs, their business, etc.

    What they urgenly need now are the four requisites, edible & usable water, boats, toilets, etc.

    What I quit worry now is riot because there is huge conflict between the people in the flood area and people on dry land.
  2. I live around Saphan Soong area so the water has already arrived at our house na krub.
    Right now we're staying around Huaykwang so should be ok *for now*, but now still quite worried especially after hearing the recent news.

    How is it there in Nonthaburi? Hope you and your family stay safe as well krub.
  3. How is the flood in your area ? With the destructions of the 'big bags', there is tendency that the flood might be higher.

    I hope you and your family safe & sound.
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