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  1. Hey, I've been around here enough to know this - you spend a year or so on this place, and you'll be dissecting fragrances with the best of them. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the folks who start out not trusting their noses, end up being some of our best sniffers - perhaps because they seem to be very careful. And from what you said so far, it sounds like you're already making a great start.

    You will definitely enjoy the Intense. It has a grab-bag of notes in it - you'll have your longest list of identifiable notes on that one, for sure! Enjoy!!!

  2. I checked them out, that really is quite something else. I wouldn't be surprised if those guys had to take out extra insurance to cover all of that.
    I can't see me going over 10 or so to be honest. Saving for a wedding so can't really go crazy or anything - that and I wear vetiver 9 days out of 10 anyway!

    Homme is amazing, I can really see why you'd like that line. It's on my definite purchase list - in the intense EDP form at first.

    Truth be told I don't really have such a refined olfactory system, people smell all these things in cologne that I don't know is there until they tell me.

    I pick up on the nutmeg, vetiver and tobacco in my vetiver - and the cedar and citrus in my Terre d'Hermes - but it's always the frontrunners I pick up on, the more subtle tertiary notes all blend into one for me! So sniff and enjoy yes, write? I wouldn't know where to start!

  3. Thank you! Actually, the two people with the most extensive wardrobes here are probably hednic and noggs - 4 digits! Very impressive. I do have to worry about where to put them all. But it does have a purpose. I love to be able to compare and contrast fragrances as I write about them. Really, I have less of a wardrobe than a personal library. Fragrances are like books to me - and like books, I find that if I part with even one, I will kick myself later when I need it for a reference.

    It doesn't help that I fall in love with entire lines, too. Guerlain Homme.... Yes, I'm a sucker for it. The new Eau is on my short list, and will inevitably find its way into my collection. No apologies! No such thing as too much fragrance!
  4. Your fragrance wardrobe is immense!
    You must have an actual "fragrance wardrobe" lol
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