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  1. cant't beat a hot pair of lips: I'm here to tell you!
  2. Thanks - maybe I'll keep it for a while.

    I look at it as helping others. Several people wanted Mimi to go back to that picture of her lips - so enough already with Mike! I'm leading the way and helping her get back to her more popular avatars!
  3. I think you should keep it. it's one of those so wrong it's right sorts of affairs....and the dude in the baseball cap was somewhat shocking: Even I was concerned--had to verify-"it couldn't be him...." can't be sharing the same avatar with MG!!!!!
  4. Thanks, MdM! Blingees are rather addictive - the original was just SOOOO wonderfully tacky, with all the shimmering animated sparkle! My wife and I have a bit of a Chococat / Hello Kitty thing, and I've found myself drawn to shamefully candy-coated fragrances lately, so I decided to revel in the sugar-lust for a while before going back to my normal avatar (and possibly normal fragrances, although I'm now convinced that candy gourmands are here to stay, and it's best to just join the party). Been sampling Lubin Bluff tonight - wow. interesting stuff. I'm thinking about reviewing it soon - we'll see.

    Yes - I liked giving Mike Perez some adoration with the avatar, but after I found people relating to me differently on the board, I decided to call it quits. And with Mimi using the same one, too - LOL - it led to some interesting reads!
  5. Love the new avatar!!!!!!!
  6. Greetings, MdM! Alas, I had a HUGE response on that thread. However, I said a few controversial things, I think, and the Basenotes servers thought the better of it. Lost in cyberspace, I'm afraid. Funny the way these things happen. I'll re-post a cheaper and shallower version when I have the energy. As it is, I feel like borrowing the fainting couch!
  7. Oh, Good Doctor! We're at it again. Of course it only took three posts before I was threatened, but there's a new thread: It's called "Incestuous Mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, Immersed." Could be we need the guidance of a trained chemist/physician. Do have a look!
  8. You're back! Hooray! I was about to start asking all over the place to find you. Quickly - must. tell. Actias! Great to hear from you again!!!!!
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