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  1. My first language is called "Tagalog" it's the Philipino language. Oh by the way, also try Himalaya from Creed. My first buy from the house!
  2. muchas gracias tu español es perfecto. Third language? that is cool.
    Yes there are some idiots on this forum but most of the people is very cool and helpful I will stay around.
    I appreciate your note. Keep up with your spanish because is very good. What is your third language?
  3. Oye, no te preocupes sobre los tontos en el forum. Si te gusta un parfum con intenso...que bueno para ti. Green Irish Tweed esta uno de mis favoritos tambien! No permites a nadie a cambiar tu mente sobre los parfumes que te gustan. I hope you understoon my spanish, it's my third language, so I'm not too fluent in it, heh! Keep on enjoying GIT, it's a classic and is very enjoyable!!!
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