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  1. PM me your address and I will! I will ask you first which ones you're interested in, as soon as I have time to sit down and go through them. Maybe this weekend.
  2. 1889 is Moulin Rouge. I loved it's vivid, sassy and playfull smell.
    Well, if you don't know what to do with samples you've tried you can always pass something to me
  3. Is 1889 Moulin Rouge or Mata Hari? Mata Hari did not like me...a bit aloof on my skin..though it's very, very nice. Moulin Rouge was fun, very evocative of that era's vibe. All of them are really well done, imo. Yes, I see there are a few on their site I haven't tried. I may order some samples, but I've got samples coming out of my ears and I need to pull back a little. But they sing my sirens!
  4. Talk to me more 1969 is my second favourite. Then it's 1889.
    And HdP releases new fragrances now too. Cannot wait to try them.
  5. I haven't tried them all yet. Foustie sent me a set of samples which included 1725. I liked 1969 very much too.
  6. Thanks dear! It's my favourite Histoires de Parfums fragrance
  7. I like your SotD 1725 Casanova. I tried that one recently. It's nice!
  8. Could be the climate just as you say! Well, I'll keep my decant to pass it further to someone loving one day
  9. I didn't expect it to be up my alley either, as I seem to have gone off tuberose lately, but this one just made my day. Perhaps it is the climate here in Florida that suits this scent so well.
  10. I've got a few ml decant of Tuberose Criminelle, but it's not up my alley. But do enjoy yourself
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