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  1. Yes, vetiver in general does give me that vibe too, awayalonealong. A group of us on the female frag board have been sampling fragrances, a line of naturals, and most of them have that same grounding effect for me. I suppose it's the naturalness, or impression of naturalness, in these fragrances that put me in that mood. I also like MH Terre de Bois (I think it's called) for its earthy groundedness. You might like that one. I'm not as familiar with the Bois 1920 line, though I sampled Sushi Imperiale a while back, and also Agrumi Amari di Sicilia.
  2. Greetings,
    I noticed that in your review of Harris Miller's Feuilles de Tabac you said it made you feel "serene and grounded." I have not read any other review of any frag that made such a claim...a claim that I, too, would make! In fact, I just wrote to a fellow BNer that Bois 1920's Vetiver Ambrato and Extreme both gave me that same vibe. Vetiver does this too for me, but not as strongly as the amber (and benzoin?) in the Bois 1920 frags, and now, delightfully, in MH's Feuilles de Tabac. I would happily discover more fragrances that worked this way!
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