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  1. And what a lovely little posy it is. Thank You.
  2. Sending you a posie of good thoughts and wishes, dear.

  3. Hello, Foustie!! ♥ I love this one. I get the scent of the oil of the rind, which is sort of spicy, and yes I do detect cypress in there (maybe?), now that you mention it. I think this one is so well done. This one and Hadrien.
  4. You like Acqua de Sicilia. Hoorah! I love it. I always like to have some. Sometimes nothing else will do. Straight up citrus they say. But there is something, something woody, sharp. I think I was once told that it was cypress. What do you think dear gel?
  5. Thank you!
  6. Safe journey dear. See you when you get back.
  7. I'm glad it arrived. Nothing to make up, my dear. You have been very kind yourself! "Worth my weight in extrait" eh? Ha, ha! That would be plenty for all of us!! xo
  8. Gasp! I got your parcel. Oh you! You are too generous. I will make it up to you. I will!
  9. Apologies for the curtailed pm. BN keeps cutting me off. Argh!! xo
  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying it. ((hugs)) xo

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