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  1. Hello there! Howz everything?
  2. (: hello

    Thought I'd drop by & say howdy.
  3. First time to Hongkong but we've been to shanghai and other chinese cities

    Thanks dear. We need to catchup when I'm back!
  4. How exciting! Have you visited there before? (I haven't). I hope you have a marvelous -and safe - trip.
  5. Yes yes! A bit hectic. Preparing for a little trip to Hong Kong.
  6. Oh, how did I miss your message?!! I'm so sorry! Hello back to you (a little belatedly)! I hope all is well with you and yours. xo
  7. Hi dear!! Just wanted to say and pass my regards.
  8. Hedonist is an absolute sweetie, very generous, thoughtful, and a HUGE asset to Basenotes! Thank you! xo
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