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  1. I would definitely have to to try Chantilly one of these days, it sounds quite intriguing. Thank you for the info!
  2. Yes, Chantilly is similar to Shalimar (edc or edt)...but it is sweeter, not in its vanillic component, which is not as vanilla-ey as Shalimar, but sweeter in the orange blossom, which reads very *creamy* to me. Chantilly is not as smoky and dark as Shalimar. It is, rather, all sweetness and powder puffy blush-tinged light. There are so many formulations of either fragrance, though, that it is difficult to compare. Some people call Coty's Emeraude the poor girl's Shalimar. Those two are even more similar, but also very different. They are all in the same family - in their vintage formulations.
  3. I agree, life would be dull indeed if we ran out of new things to learn. That's why I am so glad that I finally decided to be active on BN and I learned so much!!! I am glad to know there is much more to learn yet. I looked up Chantilly: some say that it's kind of like citrusy Shalimar. Is it how it reads to you too, or not so much?
  4. Thank you again, Whitefluffy. Chantilly is an old fragrance, although it is still being made (by Dana). We all have so much to learn yet! And wouldn't it be awful to run out of things to learn, to run out of things that are new to us?
  5. Oh, I understand about olfactory fatigue: I thought I will NEVER say this, but I can relate . But if you change your mind you know where to find me . I will probably (most likely) reveal the true level of my ignorance by admitting that I have never heard about Chantilly. So much to learn yet!
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