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  1. NICE! That's awesome . The BF and I are AD fanatics too, we're trying to get the last two seasons back since we loaned them out to our friends (there was a bidding war, we turned a few of them into converts *lol*). I love the Hermano arc as well, "You do know that she's used to being with me so...that would be like going from prime rib, to I dunno, weird brother prime rib."

    I LOVE the last disc of season 2: "Motherboy XXX," "The Immaculate Election," "The Sword of Destiny" and "Meat the Veals." Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom doing Mary Poppins to impress Maeby is pure comedy gold.
  2. Yay--another AD & frag fan! I love all the characters, but my favorite is GOB, with Michael in a close second. DH and I are AD fanatics. I think we've rewatched them more than 15 times. My favorite episodes are Pier Pressure, the Hermano two-series arc, Good Grief, Amigos, and Exit Strategy. Yours?
  3. Thanks! I've been on an AD kick and re-watching the whole series. Lucille's one of my favourite characters, next to Gob and George Michael.

    "Everything they do is so dramatic, it makes me want to...set myself on fire!!!"
  4. Awesome avatar! "I wonder how I can talk you out of ever making that face again."
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