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  1. Hi, it's about a month later that I'm respondin, but yes, I'm liking this and I have it on right now! Don't know how we originated on talking about it, but I got it in a swap about 3 months ago. I like to wear it when it's hot out.
  2. Eliza -- Just noticed that I had this message in my inbox!

    By this time, you must have received your blind-buy of Marocain. I hope you're enjoying it thoroughly. It took me four separate attempts to wrap my brain around it, but the fourth time was the charm! I now have my own bottle and wear it regularly -- and with great pleasure.
  3. Oh, what a review of
    L'Air du Desert Marocain!

    "began to feel like I was buried alive in a cedar coffin" That really made me laugh. Thanks for your review. I'm anticiapting some in the mail- a blind buy... hope I don't come to same conclusion as you...
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