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  1. Enjoy your holiday
  2. Ah, i've got a nine day break after tomorrow, heading off to Alton Towers for two days, London for one (YAY!) and then just bumming about with the odd bit of revision :P But, from the 2nd to the 12th, straight exams. Then i'm off till the 2nd of July, when I have a week of work experience. After that, it's off to India for two weeks, Geneva for a couple of days and most probably NY for a week. Should be a good holiday!
  3. hehe and when do you finish?
  4. Mwahahha, exam free today, but have to go hand in Art Work!
  5. Fortunately just Uni at the moment... I've got 7 exams - I'm hoping to get all A's; but it never happens
  6. Thank-you very much I'm aiming for 7 A*s and the rest As, with Bs being acceptable in Art & English Literature - Got A in GCSE Statistics and A in ICT, both done last year! (B in Art, because i've lost one of the three pieces of coursework - or to put it more bluntly, t'was stolen and English Literature because the questions were really akward, and I fear I haven't done too well, even though I love reading poetry and acting)

    You having to deal with Uni exams? Or are they different exams? Anyway, good luck!
  7. Good luck with the GCSE's - I have exams at the moment - I feel your pain!!!

    At least some of us can get out of the exam room smelling wonderful!
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