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  1. I was recovering from hernia repair surgery. Am back at work now and well on the way to recovery -- was even at Barney's briefly today. Keep me in the loop for the next perfume counter crawl. Hope all is well with you too.
  2. Where have you been? We missed you at last week's sniff. Happy (belated) Birthday andI hope all is well!
  3. Happy Almost-Your-Birthday to you too!

    Be sure to buy yourself something fun...
  4. Happy Birthday, Allen! I guess we have something more in common: Mine is the day after yours! (Except 35 years earlier...)
  5. T'anks, man! Is we friends now? I so hope...
  6. Hey, man, I found your New York trip thread after all... sounds truly awesome. Last couple of times I was back there (my hometown is Brooklyn), it was for family funerals you know, on compassionate leave, just in and out again. I should really take a sniffathon tour like you did sometime. Anyway, it sounds like you had a kick-ass time! Welcome back, and if nothing else, I'll see you in August.
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