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  1. Thanks a ton man
  2. Congrats on the new gig at Saks SF! Break a leg!
  3. I had to dip and and out from the group to go around with my family but for the most part I did. It was a pleasure meeting you as well!
  4. It was nice meeting you in person today. I've sent you a friend invitation. Wasn't that a crazy day? Did you manage to last until the end? I was sorry I had to go early, in a way... but glad I had some time at Russ's gallery reception, too.
  5. Thanks, I got it today at Nordstrom. While looking around Basenotes yesterday after writing you, I saw you got it at a Nordstrom, so I figured... and I was right! Thanks again!
  6. They had it at the John Varvatos store in SF right next to Union Square. I actually bought it though in Walnut Creek Nordstroms.
  7. I'd love to know where you found Artisan Black in San Francisco. I was looking for it today, and I must have gone to the wrong places, because I never found it!
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