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  1. See, I didn't even know the quote was from there.
    I only know it from this brilliant commercial.
    The music is Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights.

  2. Love your new sig quote from Corneille... Love or honor? L'amour ou l'honneur? Le choix cornélien... to kill Count Gormas or to marry Chimène? Oh, how will it all end?
  3. Gene Hiller is a California menswear company that bottles its own juice. There is no indication anywhere of its pyramid, date of introduction, perfumer, or anything else of interest. I was in Sausalito, near San Francisco, with my spouse yesterday celebrating his birthday. We wandered into the shop. I smelled the eau de toilette, liked it and bought it. Fin de conte.
  4. -- Gene Hiller --

    Hey ... what's up with that?!
    Seems to be lacking in some way!

  5. Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for your kind and generous gift. Although it is undeserved, it is most deeply appreciated. Also, I note with pleasure that virtual chocolate does not pile on the poundage...
  6. I always enjoy your SotD describtion,
    therefor you deserve some good chocolate;

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