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  1. hi Gabrielle,
    I'm the boy from the U.K who sent you info on weil de weil before Christmas.Hope you are O.k and wondered if you had tried the new formulation of Antilope by weil.I know it is only avail in the U.S in EDC form but I managed to get some here in the EDP.
    i read that it was supposed to be unisex and I'm open to give anything a try,so I did.I had some very positive reactions even though I felt that it smelled a little like Chanel no 5.
    Have you any comments/
    Keep in touch.Sorry I,m a little useless with the computer.
    funnyboy.(Durham England.)
  2. Thank you for the info on Weil de Weil. I do have a backup of it, it is a favorite, but i will look into the case i need another backup.
    Take care
  3. hello there,
    Just saw that you likes weil de weil and came across some on with free shipping from the U.S.
    Thought you might be interested.Regards.Funnyboy,Durham.U.K
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