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  1. Weimar, I am so sorry I have been so slow to reply to your note. I seem to have so little time to go on that I usually check in, look at the forums; and then go out. I neglect my notes and messages, and I know I shouldn't. On the issue of style of the 1930s and 1940s, I have three new suits and a new hat for Fall/Winter that fit into that style sense. Two suits, one with a vest, both single breasted with peak lapels which is very period; and the other even more so-- a warm, heavy winter double breasted. All have either side vents or no vents. a la William Powell. Part of that retro style of course is appreciation for the music of the period. I wonder if you are familiar with a German group, Max Rabbe and the Palast Orchestra? I love their stuff. There's a couple of good short video clips I think on You Tube of their concerts. They are coming to the States in April and I am planning to see them. That's it for now. All the best, and my apologies again. Joe
  2. Hello Joe I seen your posts and you have good style sense
    and i love the 30's and 40's look in men i wish it was back
    in style and men stop dressing like Thug and poseurs Lol '
    so can i Add you as a friend
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