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  1. Hey man your inbox was full. Just letting you know that I shipped the Fierce today, USPS Priority Mail. It should arrive in about 3 days. Delivery Confirmation Number: 0309 2880 0001 7760 2748

    Let me know when it arrives. Do you have any idea when my package should arrive? I checked this morning and it said it was still sorting in Denver.

    Alright thanks man,
  2. From the list you have available, I'm most interested in: CK One Scene, Baldessarini, Joop! Jump, Del Mar Marbella Edition, and Aramis 900. We can talk and work out a fair, comfortable deal we'll both be happy to do.

    Thank you very much!
  3. Hey man! I was gonna PM you but it said your inbox was full so hope you don't mind I post it here. I read your swap thread and I am interested in swapping my 50 mL bottle of Abercrombie Fierce. It's pretty much brand new, I bought it just 3 days ago. I only wore this once, I basically just took it out of the box, gave it a spray, and put it back in. I still have the box, the cap, and the original receipt, I'll send it all to you when we swap. I'll even give you the original Abercrombie bag if you really want. I also have a 100 mL of Givenchy Pi available to swap. It's about 50% full but I don't have the box or the cap. A family friend gave this to me when he left to go to Indonesia. Must've figured that a gourmand wouldn't work well in the really hot tropical he'll be living in.. In addition, I have a 75 mL bottle of Armani Code to swap that's still about 80% full. I have the cap and the box.
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