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  1. Oh and if there is a good variety of at least 3, I'd prefer the two that aren't Cuir Amythest, but hey whatever you can find would be awesome. I've been dying to get my hands on these for so long =] Heck I guess I'd be good with as many different ones as you're willing to purchase upfront =] Thanks again, you have no idea how much I appreciate just the thought!
  2. All right!! I will see what I can find and let you know.
  3. Oh wow I'd really appreciate it! I'm really just interested in any of them! I'd be willing to purchase up to two different ones @ $30 each (+ tax&shipping.)
  4. Mengels,

    Which Armani Prive are you interested in?

    bbBD has a Cuir Amethyst for sale. I will probably go to TJ Max/Marshalls this weekend. Would you like me to buy something cor you?
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