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  1. LOL! That picture rocks. Do you think it would make a good avatar?

    No, I never throw perfumes away - only if they rotted.
  2. Oh well, if you don't like it that much...

    I'm back to normal, thanks for asking. I'm not even sure anymore that it was stomach flu. Maybe I just overworked or maybe it was emotional. Don't know.
    Did you call your doctor?

    Tea.. I can't remember what's in there. I only know that both are against stomach ache.
    If you can find word Sastāvs: (ingredients) on a pack I could tell what's in there.
  3. I put it aside and I will send it back to you next time. It's wasted here.
    The strange thing is, that when I scrubbed it off, some of the base notes remained - and those I LIKE! Strange!
    Yes - it's that combination again. My skin just can't manage it.
    I can't wait to try out all the others. For now, my nose has gone "blind".

    Are you feeling OK now? You really should stay at home with an upset tummy: the stress makes it worse.
    I like your tea! What's in it?
  4. Albany=olibanum (ieSpelling sucks)
    Base notes of oakmoss, Albany, powdery amber, musk, vetiver, patchouli
    - yup, that's the combo oakmoss and patchouli.
  6. Yeah, I kinda knew that you wouldn't like Replique, but don't through it away. It's the original formulation and many people would love to try it. BTW, I think that Gabi might like it.
    Chanel no19 Poudre was a big disappointment for me. I expected so much more from it. Plus I can barely smell it after 30 min.
  7. Will be trying RS tomorrow - I am intrigued. Or will it be Jicky?
    Right now I had an od of that Raphael. Sorry, not me. It's like Youth Dew! There is an odd, very strong note in it, which I can't stand. It's headache inducing. Like burnt rubber.
    I bet that you can wear it in style.
    I find that I am leaning more and more on floral scents. Or woody ones. Just not more leather and/or patchouli.
  8. I'm very curious about Royal Secret. You might love it as you like Bal a Versailles or you might hate it, because it has very detectable patchouli note.
  9. I just realized that I forgot about the feedback - sorry and it's fixed now
    Alessando dell'Acqua will grow on you. And don't over-apply it - it's very strong, actually.
    And no, you can't smoke those teas
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