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  1. Hi, Yesterday I read in a thread your post about the Knize Ten new looking bottle (and packaging!). In that post I did not see an answer from anyone to your comment?! Do you perhaps already know why they changed the bottle and packaging (no logo on the right hand down side!). I just bought a bottle online (50 ml) and it looks the same you described in that post........On the interenet I cannot find anything about a new bottle/packaging. On the contrary, on some sites I read that the packaging never changed since 1925.........I was wondering about all this as I don't hope it's again a (re)reformulation and a watered down version from the previous Knize Ten (I know it's not a fake). On google images you hardly see this packaging only the old one. Same for the bottlewhere normally "Toilet Water" is not written in the middle on the glass bottle, but completely below. By the way, I also saw bottles with a way wider cap.
    Hope you can help me out a little! Thanks, S.
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