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  1. Fernando:

    The 100ml NIB Fierce is on it's way! I had never smelled it myself and spritzed the back of my left hand from a tester this afternoon. Very, very nice~ I will have to obtain some for myself in the near future.

    I sent it USPS First Class with Custom Form #LC462602845US, labeled as "Collectible Game" with a hopefully non-interest catching value = $12.00. I packed iin several small plastic vials with cut-up pieces of paper clips in them to disguixe any liquid sound when the box is shaken. I considered buying full value insurance but it was not available unless I spent a minimum of almost $30.00 in postage (Priority International Mail) and the insurance itself would have been extra!

    I think you are going to LOVE it! Actually, after a 4 hour drydown period it reminds me of Adolpho Dominguez Agua Fresca..

    And I cannot wait to try the Vetiver Hombre.


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