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  1. Hiya Elodie,
    I'll be making an order at Lucky Scent in a couple of weeks, is there a male Oriental you could recommend. I will be trying Mazzolari Lui and I'm interested in incense frags by PG.
    Have I offended you in some way?
  2. Oooo, and on the leather question, any suggestions and advice from a fellow affectionado appreciated!
  3. Hey there Dave!

    Good to finally put a name to the, ermmm...picture of a dog. I'm Elodie, by the way, or Elle, preferably.
    Did you know, when they found the first neanderthal skeleton, there was a bottle of Green Irish Tweed in the grave? True fact. Its the mark of the unevolved man, a developed wardrobe of smells.
    Weird you should ask the leather question, I ponder it often. Its the accord I think I should love the most, but I just can't find the right one, dammit.
    This might be the stupidest idea ever, but I'm considering making one for myself. Who knows what I want better than me, yeah? Well, people who know what they're doing, but them aside...
    Right, the potato has been patted ( and thanks you for it ) and bed calls.
    Catch you soon my troglodyte friend,
  4. Hi Feisty and Stubborn,
    you are right I'm far too manly for Coco, I'd still like to smell it though.
    I wouldn't wear it, I do have a reputation to maintain after all; I live in a cave, catch my meat and kill it with my bare hands then eat it raw, I can't seem to get the hang of that new fangled fire thingy. I only speak in monosyllables and I do grunt a lot, in fact if you listen very closely you can hear me grunt at the end of this sentence.
    I do have a sample here of L'Ombre Fauve, I've tried it a couple of times and it's a mood thing for me. It's on my list of things to get but then there are others in front of it. If only I had toooooo much money.
    It's been a p[leasure to meet you, giver the potato a pat for me.
    Do you like leathers?
  5. Glucam? Its a little something you can add to a scent to increase the longevity of the head notes and modifiers. I came across it whilst doing some work related Frankenstein-ing. But don't experiment with your all time favourites, just a tiny drop too much can make something beautiful into a one dimensional snorefest.
    Coco, for you? Nooooo! Its all girly girl, and you're all manly man. Its just the vanilla/amber/tonka base it seems to share in common with L'Ombre Fauve.But L'ombre Fauve is smokey and animal. Femme fatale in a bottle, but on the right men, I think it could be perfect. So give it a try.
    Bechod for the beast. I love a dog with cunning. Mine has all the wiles of a potato, unfortunately. He's sweet though, despite their reputation for being feisty and stubborn. But then, I am feisty and stubborn enough for both of us.
  6. And so my education continues; glucam P 20? And now I'll have to find Coco too.
    I see you have Fumerie Turque as well, I have it and love it but it's a hell of a scent and only wear it for my own pleasure, you must be one hell of a woman.
    Sadly the bastard hound has gone to the great kennel in the sky, he was the best of dogs, the worst of dogs and the most cunning critter I have owned. Yet to be replaced, curiously a Shar Pei is under consideration along with a Clumber Spaniel, I'll be looking for a pair though
  7. My friend has also pointed out that I should mention that I add a little glucam P 20 to it. Because the lovely smokey animalic notes that people talk so much about, when they reveiw this scent, disappear within about 2-3 hours at most. And thats the bit I love. On dry down, its basically Coco.
  8. Sorry, it seems I've just sent a reply to my own wall. Which is not so bad, because I didn't answer your question properly anyway. I'd say 3 sprays ought to do it. I've had my 50ml bottle for a year and a half, and I use it nearly everyday. And I'm an habitual douser. Cute dog, by the way! Yours? I'd love one, but I've got a Shar Pei, so theres already too much drool about the place.
  9. Hope you don't mind, great scent of the day.
    L'Ombre Fauve might well be my next Amber, while I love Ambra Nera as a scent, I seem to use it rather quickly.
    How much do you have to use for decent longevity?
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