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  1. Hi rrazzell:

    I am not so competent using many of the Basenotes features, so I apologize if this is a little clunky. I received your message from July 31. The message for me reads a little cryptic on my end, as perhaps the original fragrance that sparked your note was not brought into the conversation. Perhaps something is lost in translation, so to speak. Please ask me again what it is you want to know, including the original fragrance that sparked your query. I would really appreciate it! There is nothing worse than not being able to help a fragrance friend.

    You are asking me to compare an aldehyde galbanum fragrance? You mention No 19, Iris Poudre, etc. I can't really make any comments based on the original message from you, which seems lacking information.

    Please contact me again and we'll get this sorted out!

  2. Dear Ann,

    I see you lots on NST and I know that we share lots of loves, including the Sonoma Scent Studio line.

    I know you adore this one. If you have a second, would you mind telling me scents it might be similar to? I understand from your note that Chanel No. 19 is, although that one has more galbanum. I see it's available online and I remember you've often raved about it on NST. I'm not a huge fan of super-powdery aldehydes; for example, if this is anything like the iris in Frederic Malle's Iris Poudre, that would be good to know, because it and I do NOT get along!!!!

    Great to see you on Basenotes. I often refer to this site for reviews, but otherrwise I'm not really as active on it as I should be.

    All the best,
    Robin R. from Vancouver
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