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  1. Dear Hemry,
    I apaologize that I dissapeared for A WHILE. I still am interested to purchase the fragrances. But my card does not allow to do it. Do you accept western union? or any other payment methods to transact money (cash)?
    p.s- paypal showed me that the total sum in NIS(New Israeli Shekels) is 249. In dollars, If I am not mistaken is 86. Is it in Singapurian dollars?
  2. Henry,
    Please send me a paypal invoice to my e-mail:
  3. Henry is the best seller ever!
    I've just purchased few perfumes from him. Got them on time, in perfect condition. Every item was carefully wrapped, and I got a few free samples. Reliable, responsible and very nice person.
    10 THUMBS UP!
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