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  1. I am sorry for not getting back sooner. I am studying for exams at the minute and and also preparing for an important presentation on Saturday. I am currently drinking a mildly smoky Yunnan black tea along with a Darjeeling, Margaret's Hope. My favourite tea for the past year or so is a Chines green tea with osmanthus blossom. Made in the same way as jasmine tea it has a delicate scent of apricots and a bitter green taste that I really love. I don't drink it often, I do not want to get bored with this flavour and scent. I occasionally drink matcha when I need a boost! My favorite coffees are Indonesian, a Sumatra Blue Lintong. Hope this helps. There are some good sources on the web. Try . They have a good range,including my Osmanthus and are based in Ireland. Did you know that Ireland had the record of importing the highest quality teas until 2007 when the japanese finally overtook us? We have a population of 4.5 million and the Japan? Say no more!
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