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  1. Hi,

    I'm not a big fan of musks, so I really can't help you there. However, many Basenoters love Kiehls Musk (perfume oil version). Maybe you should give that one a go.

    As for leather scents, the following threads may prove to be useful:

    If ever in doubt, the best thing is to use the search function in the forums. There's a wealth of interesting information waiting to be discovered. Many excellent personal discoveries have been made this way.
  2. Hello Trebor ,

    I see your reviews and admire your perfume experience,

    Please can you recomended me Luxury and Great Perfumes,
    Espeically Nice Quality and Not very Quimical and potent alchohol ,

    I like moore

    Tuscan leahter , of coures the first time I try is very quimical but im my
    skin about 5 minuts is same like a Leather and very atractive and appealing scents.

    I like Musk , Leahter and Tobacco scents but if are with Nice Quality
    all its wellcome ,

    Thanks ,

    Axel ,
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