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  1. Odd! I wonder if that feature is reserved for BN Plus members? I don't know why it would be, though. But sometimes these things are not logical.
  2. all i see is report next to view conversation, not edit!
  3. LOL! You can edit your own visitor messages (the ones you write, that is-- not the ones others write on your page.) See the edit link in the colored bar to the right of "view conversation"? You'll have to click on my page to see it-- it won't show on this message since you didn't write it.
  4. ah man, there should be a way to edit these comments. i forgot you mentioned having portioned out your juice into atomizers. Sorry!
  5. my facebook profile cover I mean.
  6. yeah, nice photo! I have a photo of my flacon of Windsor and my atomizer as my facebook profile photo. Sucks you ran out. Hope you score more!
  7. Thanks for the picture comment! The flacon is now empty (I still have lots of juice but it's all decanted into atomizers). The bottle itself is in our living room where we can lift the stopper and sniff it as we go by. It smells marvelous!
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