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  1. voidvader,
    what's up dude! Sorry for the long silence, been busy getting it on with the new year. So Grey Flannel got you hooked. I love GF but the 'florals' are not quite is the violet leaf that you are smelling.

    The new and popular florals for men are Kenzo Power (the cologne version is better that the eau de toilette), Guerlain Homme (some don't consider it a floral but it is), and something totally wild: Jean Paul Gaultier's Fluer du Male, which I highly recommend for you to try. The "La Cologne" version of it is better as well.

    Have fun!
  2. hi andrew... iīm tryin to walk through florals now! hahaha. But i donīt have a advanced nose for it. just like florals... iīll exercise. Have any suggestions, more easy to find in sites like i heard people talkin about many, but do you have some suggestions? By the way i fall interested after gettin all flowers in grey flannel i bought. just love to wear it in hot days to get all the florals i dont get when i use it in cold days... now i want more and more flowes... thanks!
  3. Winter scents in the summer! I do that all the time! Sometimes, to get the full notes reading on a frag, I wear it in hot weather. Anteus is very good, very manly and strong, though it comes across as old school sometimes. Enjoy it!
  4. hhahaha. cool! īll try to find it here. i discovered anteus here... didnīt knew it!! and love it much. iīll buy it tomorrow... but still dont like the "summer scents" . i almost always dare the sun and wear winter scents with moderation. Thankīs for the sugestions. letīs keep contact, i apreciate your reviews, think it s similar to my taste...
  5. voidvader,
    Hi! Sorry this message os soooo late, but work and school and life has been EXTREMELY busy for me. Your question about a woody scent is a good one, I personally enjoy Hugo Boss Bottled, very woodsy, but the vanilla ontent is a bit high...maybe too high for you.
    In that case, try Paul Smith London in the brown bottle with the pointy top. Very very woody, though I find it synthetic. If you can find Hermes Terre d'Hermes, I think you will like it. it is not totally woody, and it is a citrus, but it is the kinda citrus you will like...I promise!

  6. Hello andrew. Iīve add you cause i like your reviews. Now, iīm here to ask you for helping me. Iīts hot here in Brazil and i need a everyday scent for the summer is coming (its still spring here!). The first problem: few trademarks are available here. Second: i donīt like citrus scents! Like iīve said before to others i love visit, m7, santos, etc. So do you have any sugestion? It exists a dayly scent that is woody without a proeminent citrusy note? thanks, see ya!
  7. Hello andrew! i added you just because our afinity with azzaro visit. I think itīs a amazing scent. But now i have i big problem... I cant find a damp smooth scent.... all i see is vanilla woodsy (like M7) or citrusy woods that are too much citrusy than woodsy... Thatīs making me mad! Thanks!
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