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  1. AH--HA HAAAAAA!!!!!! that's HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!! Good show!
  2. Aloha, LB! How ever are you? Me I've been holed up in bed for the last two days: It seems i've caught some kind of nasty something or other that has robbed me of my voice: Haven't hit the "sexy phase" yet--I tested it out this morning while having my tea and I could only croak. (as soon as it gets all raspy and rough I shall be re-recording all of my outgoing messages: "'ve reached le MDM. please leave a message!) So--all I've been doing all day is reading and playing on basenotes alternately. I think I should join "Fougereites." I don't belong to any group. And, by the way, the French who hate Jicky STILL say that, invariably: "Ca sent les pieds!" LOL -leMDM
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