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  1. Hi again, here are my notes on Lem.
    This is a generic, ozonic-fresh scent with a bit of green. No pine, no incense. Perhaps some juniper and rosemary, put through a rather synthetic phase. The minty notes suggest wintergreen toothpaste. The dry-down is a bit powdery. At least it is not heavy and not sweet. Reference points: reformulated Greenbriar (Cassewell-Massey), Molinard Green.
    I can't really recommend it. If you can sample it, you will see if it suits you. It doesn't thrill me.
  2. Hello Corrado. Thanks for your note on my page asking about Lem by Galimard. I will be happy to try that again and send you some notes. Watch for those in a day or two. Best wishes!
  3. DEAR Odysseum,
    I could find your review of F! Fragonard. Since after a neutral period I started to appreciate very much it, and since I'm interested in Galimard, I'd ask more suggestions on possible choices. I found positive ratings of Monsieur Galimard, and the only Lem comment is yours.
    Would you be so kind to find some similarities of Lem, just to guide me a little bit more? on the pyramid it seems INTERESTING for me, but I'd like an overall view...before to ordert the 500 ml bottle....thank you very much and congratulations for your reviews, I really like!

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