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  1. Thanks, fellow Piscean. I just fully realized this similarity between us. Well, at the moment I'm wearing Un Jardin Sur le Nil, which I'm enjoying on this warm, humid, nearly stormy afternoon. But this evening I'm going to wear something ridiculous. Maybe sample a bunch of stuff, or just wear a little too much of something fancy.

    Can't wait!
  2. Happy scented birthday! What will you be wearing?
  3. Thanks, and that sounds like a great birthday! I haven't seen live jazz in FOREVER.
  4. Thanks. I had a great birthday. Went out for lunch and dinner, dinner included jazz and friends
    You package is in the mail, too!

    XXXOOO julie
  5. Happy birthday, buddy! Hope it's the best.
  6. Glad to see you are making use of the BaV cologne. Isn't that bottle just soooo cute?
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