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  1. Hi Jack...

    Just thought I'd say 'hello' since I'm here. I hope your 2010 is starting out well ;-)

    I was just thinking about the moral support you gave me when that silly stink happened about the woman in her bra in my ad... LOL.. I just came online to buy ad space again since I currently have no presence here. Last time I checked, all the decent spots were already rented out so I guess BN is doing well.

    Take good care,

    Michael in Los Angeles
  2. Just wanted to say "hello" since I signed on here to place a new ad. Hope you're doing well. I'm feeling much better now that my arm and hand are healing. Thanks for talking to me through that "storm."

  3. Michael, Some BN'ers are homophobic both ways and can be offended easily. You have nothing to apoligize for. Look at that YSL M7 ad with the man's wanker hanging out...who cares. Besides it lokks like your ad with the woman was actually wearing a La Perla bra!!

    Take care my friend.

  4. Thanks for asking for my friendship! I thought I had nothing but enemies here now... lol...

    This place is just too scary for a perfumer to visit. One treads on very thin ice and the way they trash every one of our "babies" is simply too hard on one's ego. I was asked to make a public apology. It feels fake to do that. I'm just beside myself now. I didn't come on here with intention to bruise anyone.

    Take care,

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