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  1. Hello vincent8x6....

    Happy new year 2011 to you! My apologies for only seeing a note dated last May from you only today, Jan. 3, 2011.
    Truth is, I just don't visit Base Notes much, but should do it more often.
    To answer your very old question: There is no difference in the formulation of my Djin @ 100m or @ 60ml.
    I just loved it exactly as it was.
    I still have some of the 100ml bottles and will gladly sell you one of those at my new across-the-board price of $54US for shipment inside the US,
    $56US for shipment to Canada and Mexico and $60 worldwide.
    You can write to me at: if you're still interested...
    Thanks so much!
    Michael Storer
  2. Hi,
    I wonder if there's any difference between the original (100ml) and the repackaged Djin (60ml)? I plan to buy a bottle but I don't know which one to chose.
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